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User-Centered Mobile Concept Development

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(blev afholdt torsdag, 24. maj 2012, kl. 13:30-15:30)

When you consider going Mobile with your business, what are the most important pitfalls? How can you ensure that your fancy new Mobile App becomes a success and doesn't just end up in the Graveyard of Good Intentions? The answer lies with the user.

In this presentation, it is demonstrated how Mobile Concept Development should start from the perspective of users and use cases to make sure that your Mobile App will bring tangible benefits to the the user/customer. We look at usage patterns for different devices and types of Apps, and it is shown how Tryg started from scratch and worked their way towards the final product.

Søren Engelbrecht holds an M.A. in communications and an M.Sc. in engineering. He has been working with UX and CX since 1999. Today, he is Nordic Head of Development for Digitalization at Tryg Insurance.

Arrangementet afholdes på ITU, Rued Langgaardsvej 7, København (lokale 4A14)

Mobile Concept Development

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