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Tim Ingold: On movement, skills, and design of user interfaces

Arrangementet er afholdt
(blev afholdt tirsdag, 18. januar 2005, kl. 12:00-15:15)

Mads Clausen Institute, University of Southern Denmark
Lille Auditorium, Grundtvigsallé 150, 6400 Sønderborg

Tim Ingold, Professor of Anthropology, University of Aberdeen, is visiting Sønderborg

He has written extensively about the relationship between embodied human skills and technology. He claims, for instance, that the body isn't simply a locomotive for moving around our knowledge-creating mind; bodily movement are the process of building up knowledge.

The purpose of this seminar is to bring together Tim Ingold's perspective on human bodily movement and skill with the tangible user interaction design work at the Mads Clausen Institute. Learning more about human movement and skill will help designers create user interfaces that better support and utilize the capbilities of the knowing human body.

The seminar is part of a PhD course on the Anthropology of Movement, and participants will show how they analyse short video recordings of crafts people at work.

13:00   How Users Move: Designing the Actions in Tangible User Interaction
Jacob Buur, professor of User Centred Design, SDU
13:30   How Products Move: Designing Expressive Product Movements
Tom Djajadiningrat, associate professor, SDU and Technical University of Eindhoven
14:00   Up, Across and Along: About movement, knowledge and place
Tim Ingold, Professor of Anthropology, University of Aberdeen.
15:00   Coffee
15.15   Studying the movements of skilled professionals
Video Examples: 'Beer Bottle Dance', 'Spanner Coreography', 'Apple Press Motion'
PhD students and IT-Product Design students
16.00   Discussion and wrap-up

Participation is free.

Jacob Buur
Professor of User Centred Design
Mads Clausen Institute
University of Southern Denmark
Grundtvigsalle 150
DK-6400 Sonderborg
Phone +45 6550 1661

Tim Ingold

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