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KMD, Pat Jordan og fælles middag

Pat Jordan

Arrangementet er afholdt
(blev afholdt torsdag, 27. februar 2003, kl. 12:30-20:00)

How to Make Great Stuff that People Love:
Design that Makes a Difference

Dr. Patrick W. Jordan

Outline of Talk

Great design connects with people. It meets our practical and emotional needs. It speaks to our personalities and values -- our hopes, fears, dreams and aspirations.

Great design can make a positive difference in people's lives. At its best it can bring joy, facilitate individual empowerment, social justice, self expression, financial profit and corporate responsibility.

In this presentation we will look at designs that have improved the lives of individuals, facilitated social progress and brought profit and employment to those involved in their manufacture and distribution.

It will be argued that in order to create powerful, meaningful designs we need to start by understanding people in a deep and holistic manner. The Four Pleasures, a framework for understanding human experience will be outlined. The framework was derived from the theorectical work of anthropologist/sociologist Lionel Tiger and philosopher/theologian C.S. Lewis and has been applied to the design and marketing of many of the world's most successful products and services.

The framework looks at the following four aspects of human experience.

  • Physio-Pleasure: This is to do with the body -- pleasures derived from the senses. In the context of products physio-pleasure would cover, for example, tactile and olfactory properties.
  • Socio-Pleasure: This is the enjoyment derived from relationships with others. Products may confer, for example, social status or identity or may play a role in social situations.
  • Psycho-Pleasure: This type of pleasure pertains to people's cognitive and emotional reactions -- including their reactions to products.
  • Ideo-Pleasure: This concerns people's values. In the context of products, this might relate to, for example, the aesthetics of a product and the values that the product embodies.

The presentation will be illustrated with many examples of products that have been designed using this framework and which have proved to be extremely successful commercially as well as a huge it with users. By understanding people holistically and designing to meet their needs we can create products and services which will have a significant and positive effect on both individuals and society as a whole.


Dr. Patrick W. Jordan is an international design and marketing consultant, author, and professional speaker. His theories and methodologies have influenced the design of many of the products that we find in our homes, cities, and workplaces.

Currently Pat is a Vice-President of Symbian, where he is also head of design. Pat is also President of the Contemporary Trends Institute (CTI), an international trends and branding consultancy. Formerly, Pat was Director of the Trends and Identity Unit at Philips Electronics, with responsibility for communicating brand image. Prior to that, he was Head of Human Factors at Philips Electronics.

Pat has over 70 publications in peer-reviewed journals, books, and conference proceedings. He has written or edited 5 books, including Designing Pleasurable Products (Taylor and Francis 2000). This has become a standard design and marketing text within both industry and academia. His new and forthcoming books are How to Make Brilliant Stuff that People Love and Make Big Money Out of It (Wiley 2002) resp. Supertrends (Kogan-Page).

For a more detailed biography, please visit Pat's home page at Carnegie Mellon University.

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